Nooks of Bucharest

I'm posting some other photos taken during the meltdown a couple of weeks ago. Last week it felt like spring was already here, really warm and sunny and then the sky turned grey and gloomy again towards the weekend. Anyway, we're only a week away from the first day of calendar spring, the 1st of March, which is also a really old festive day here in Romania, celebrating the coming of spring and women in general. Click on the link above to read more about it.

Anyway, these pics were taken on a long weekend walk from Lascar Catargiu Boulevard (the starting point of many of our strolls) to the Aviatiei area, one of the prettiest areas in downtown Bucharest, real eye candy for anybody holding a camera. 

This is my favourite photo since starting this blog! (The white stuff is snow, by the way.)

Couldn't call it a day without a little graffiti, now could I? This is actually the entrance sign for a shop.

Now I'm off to a lazy Sunday doing nothing.


Full Spectrum

Took these colorful photos yesterday on my Saturday stroll along Calea Victoriei. It's one of the most beautiful streets in Bucharest, crossing the city like an equatorial line. One of these days I'm bound to include some living, breathing people in my pics, otherwise you might get the idea this town is lifeless, which couldn't be farther from the truth. I just need to work up the courage to approach people - any tips on that are greatly appreciated.

This amazing red trunk was just sitting on a side street near Universitatii Square. 



Finally got out onto the streets after some of the piles of snow started melting today. The light was grey and tedious and there was a sense of panic in the air as big chunks of ice could fall off buildings violently. They've been known to crush cars and even passers-by and seeing how sidewalks are particularly narrow around here, you need to be wary of the faintest cracking sound. During my walk today, I've seen two massive icycles crashing down on the pedestrian path. In short, if you're visiting Bucharest during the meltdown, you need to be on your toes, literally!

Here is today's walk:

And the odd one out:

Construction workers perched high up on the scaffolding of a beautiful brick church. Don't ask me how I managed to snap this one!