Day into Night

It's been snowing like crazy over the past few days here in Bucharest so photo-taking has been scarce. Thankfully, I still have a ton to show you from when the streets were nice and dry and I can take my mind off the blizzard in the process. Win-win situation, right?

All of these photos were captured at various times throughout a night downtown, from late afternoon to after midnight.

This is an abandoned house dead in the middle of the city, watching over the Romana Square with its shattered façade, its tall gates that are sometimes open although nobody is ever to be seen on the premises and an eerie tree bent towards it. The ground is kind of burnt out and it houses all sorts of discarded objects and trash. I'm bound to show you the color version one of these days. 

Strangely enough, it seems as if there is no light bulb in this lamp post but actually there is.

Detail of a very beautiful building in the heart of the old town, currently home to the National Romanian Bank headquarters. I can't decide whether I prefer how it looks at night or during the day.

Detail of an interesting, massive statue that used to sit outside the Comedy Theatre but I think it's no longer there.

The street we usually take to the place where the magic happens on weekends. This bench directly faces the voivodal court, a tourist atraction that has something to do with Vlad the Impaler (otherwise known as Dracula) but I've never been curious enough to look into it more.

That's it for now. Another night, another photo series.


Flying People

I must have paced Lascar Catargiu Blvd followed by either Kiseleff or Aviatorilor Blvd a thousand times by now but I still can't get enough of taking that road to get to my favourite park in Bucharest. Herastrau Park is so big and has all these nooks that it can be full of people on a Sunday afternoon but you can still find some space for yourself if you get a little creative.

Sometimes I travel on this beaten path in a different way and I make random exits to semi-secret streets and corners to find a new angle.


Late Afternoon

We took these photos a while back on one of our late afternoon walks. When I look at them, I remember all sorts of details that seemed long forgotten and buried in the back of my mind. Isn't that why we take photographs of places? We don't capture moments, we rather encapsulate memories because our brains sometimes play tricks on us.

I love a rusty gate. This one against the backdrop of the deserted garden (there's also an abandoned mansion you can't quite see here) reminds me of that film with Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow that was made after Dickens's Great Expectations.

This cute puppy was guarding a pile of books in one of the prettiest bookstores in Bucharest, the Bastilia bookstore

This amazing girl is a paste-up by the famous Berlin-based street artist El Bocho. Unfortunately, this work only lasted a couple of months on a street in the old town before it was covered in wall paint.

That eerie light just before it gets dark, when street bulbs get turned on but their presence is not necessary yet.

Cool lighting for a church in the old town whose name always eludes me. Love the pattern of the church walls against the cobbled stone on the street.


A Day Off

On days off, we just wander around the city, sometimes aimlessly, other times more purposefully, taking it all in. In Bucharest, there are lots to take in. But this is how downtown Bucharest looks to two young people holding hands.

Discovering graffiti when you least expect it
Don't forget to look up
Some parts of the old town are really old and they look like remnants of a movie set

And we ended it all up with drinks at a bar called Energiea. Even when you think you're getting bored, you're really not. There is always something new to notice even in overly visited places. Sometimes I think catching glimpses is the essence of life because it connects us in the faintest of ways to other lives, other stories and possibilities of things that once were or will be. We live to discover.