December 31

I spent the last day of the year in the park with my camera. There's something very soothing about the sharp contrast of the snow against the clear blue sky. That kind of white light is almost blue and always ruthless but also magic in that it makes us more aware of our standing with both feet on a planet spinning at 100,000 km an hour, every hour, around the Sun.

Here's to a grounded but always dreaming New Year.

And the sun sets on my street:


December in Vienna (1)

This year I spent Christmas in Vienna, Austria. It was so nice and sunny that I can't say I got into the Christmas mood too much but that's just fine with me. Luckily, I managed to see not only the touristic landmarks that I had visited years before on my first trip there but also some of the less tourist-laden areas. If that's not a successful trip, I don't know what is.

Favourite thing about Vienna: the silence.
Least favourite thing: the wind!


Saint Paul de Vence, France

So I finally got around to posting the first photos from our trip to France back in August. Needless to say, I would not recommend visiting Provence or the French Riviera in August, as it truly is the busiest month of the year and wherever we went we ended literally swimming in tourists.

Today I'm showing you around St Paul de Vence, which is acclaimed as the most "charming" hilltop village in Provence. It is also very accessible from Nice if you are based there like we were.

There's lots to be said about the village and its surroundings but as usual I'll let the photos do the talking for me.


Random Inspo

Although summer is no longer here, I can't seem to let go:

You can find more here.

Thank you, Pinterest, for indulging my obsessions.



My absence here is totally motivated.

Something happened and my full attention was required.

It only comes around once a year.

Resistance is futile.

It is called summer.


Here is my Instagram diary for the past 3 months. Took a trip to the south of France and almost forgot to take iPhone pics but be prepared for a crapload of camera photos. Otherwise spent as many days and evenings in the park as possible, went to a city hall wedding and sat in a lot of outdoor places with drinks in our hands.


Brasov (1)

We took a weekend trip to Brasov a couple of weeks ago. I love that city, it has a special kind of charm and what's interesting about it is that no matter how many times you visit it, there's always a good chance of finding something not seen or tried before. 

My favourite thing about Brasov, though, is the perfect blend of city life, old architecture and the proximity of the forest. When we got tired of the streets (just kidding, the old city streets are impossible to get enough of), we stepped onto the paths leading into various vantage points through the surrounding woods. That's where I took the landscape shots, in perfect silence. Unless you count bird chirping and the occasional forest cracks as noise.

The Black Church dating back to the 14th century


Spring Activities

Well, we officially have spring on our hands - albeit a very cranky one. One day it's warm and sunny with the bluest skies, and the next it's raining and cold enough to wear a parka. Summer is around the corner and I still long for that perfect spring when you don't have to walk around with an umbrella glued to your wrist. Speaking of which, if I had a penny for every umbrella I've broken this season I'd buy myself a Mediterranean villa and stop worrying about such trivial things as weather.

Below you'll find a random collection of shots I took this spring on those rare good days when the sky is blue and the birds are chirping. 

Also, I can't get enough of that crisp green shade of vegetation. Thank God, we have plenty of that around!